Written Tests

Go Kyu

  1. What style of karate are you studying?
  2. What does the word karate mean?
  3. Translate the word “rei” into English.
  4. Why are the toes curled upward while executing a mae geri?
  5. Describe the 10th exercise.
  6. Where was karate developed as a fighting art?
  7. What is an obi?
  8. Translate the word kata.
  9. How many forms of bows are there?
  10. What is a code of karate?
  11. What is the Japanese name of a kata taught in Isshin Ryu karate?
  12. What is a Sensei?
  13. Give two reasons for wearing a gi.
  14. List three reasons for learning the fifteen basic exercises.
  15. What is kumite? 
  16. What is a kyu rank?
  17. List two things that are stressed while learning your first kata.
  18. Which is more important, form or speed?
  19. What is a Go Ryu?
  20. Describe the ninth exercise.
  21. How many basic kicks are there in this style of karate?
  22. Why is the thumb placed on the top of the fist?
  23. What is a Mae Geri?
  24. What is your Sensei's rank?

Yon Kyu

  1. How many obvious kicks are there in Seiuchin?
  2. How man blocks are in Seiuchin?
  3. Describe the position of the feet in a Seiuchin stance.
  4. What leg has the most weight when standing in a cat stance?
  5. What is a kiai?
  6. What is the blade edge of the hand called?
  7. What does the word mae geri mean?
  8. What is a code of karate?
  9. What is a karate-ka?
  10. Explain your fourteenth exercise in detail?
  11. List two things that are concentrated on while learning Seiuchin.
  12. What is a code of karate?
  13. What is an empi?
  14. What is a uraken?
  15. What is the term for a referee?
  16. Give two reasons for using a kiai.
  17. What is a Yudansha?
  18. What is a seiken?
  19. List the order of the colors in the Dojo ranking system.
  20. What is a dan?
  21. Who is the founder of Isshin Ryu karate?
  22. Translate the work hajime.
  23. What is kumite?
  24. Describe a nukite strike.
  25. List four reasons for studying karate.

San Kyu

  1. What is the purpose of the formalities in karate?
  2. Which kick is used in Seisan?
  3. What direction is the basic movement in Nai-Hanchi?
  4. Why is the heel lifted and lowered to the floor in Seisan?
  5. What is a code of karate?
  6. What does karate-do mean?
  7. What is a Shodan?
  8. What kata has fake kicks?
  9. A place to practice karate is called a ______.
  10. What does the word yame mean?
  11. What is the blade edge of the foot called?
  12. Describe the fifteenth exercise in detail.
  13. What does the word ryu mean?
  14. How many formal empty handed katas are in Isshin Ryu ?
  15. What is the Japanese for your sixth upper body exercise.
  16. What is a chief characteristic of Isshin-Ryu karate?
  17. What does the word Kohai mean?
  18. What is a Tachi-rei?
  19. What is a code of karate?
  20. When punching or blocking, explain the use of breath control.
  21. What is the most polite bow?
  22. Explain how to make an Isshin-Ryu fist.
  23. Name one of Master Shimabuku’s instructors?
  24. At what age did Master Shimabuku begin studying karate?
  25. Name the two styles that Isshin-Ryu was derived from?

Ni Kyu

  1. Explain the use of the eleventh exercise.
  2. What is a bo?
  3. List five reasons for katas being stressed in Isshin-Ryu karate.
  4. What is the function of kotiki-tai?
  5. Explain the difference between ippon kumite and jyu kumite.
  6. In what city did Shimabuku live in?
  7. What is a code of karate?
  8. What two styles of karate were combined to form Isshin-Ryu?
  9. Which Direction is Nahanchi karate performed in?
  10. Name a kata that contains a zenkutsu dachi stance.
  11. What is Chinto known for?
  12. Who were Shimabuku’s instructors?
  13. How many katas are there in Isshin-Ryu?
  14. What is the common name for the Isshin-Ryu patch?
  15. What is the terminology for the rank of green belt?
  16. Why are the feet turned in in Nahanchi?
  17. What is a sai?
  18. In what kata is a cross punch used?
  19. What is the function of the last movement in Seiuchin?
  20. What does a clenched fist and an open hand signify?
  21. Describe the throw in Wansu.
  22. Who is Funikoshi Sensei and what was he known for?
  23. What is a kime?
  24. What is a makiwara?
  25. What is essential to all stances?

Ii Kyu

  1. Why are the feet positioned shoulder-width apart and straight down the outside edge while standing in the ready position?
  2. Explain the use of the hips in the fifteenth exercise?
  3. Explain in detail a Sempai?
  4. What are the two main goals of karate?
  5. Name the two katas in Isshin-Ryu that contain throws.
  6. Why are the feet turned in during Sanchin?
  7. What is Kusanku kata specifically designed for?
  8. Why is there discipline in karate?
  9. What is a shote?
  10. What kata has reinforced punches and blocks?
  11. Define focus.
  12. Which is the most important: kata, or kumite?
  13. Why do you bow to your opponent before kumite?
  14. List five functions that the fifteen exercises perform.
  15. Is breaking a necessary part of karate training?
  16. In what kata do you use your knee as a strike?
  17. How many times is empi used in Chinto?
  18. List two reasons for doing warm up exercises.  
  19. How do build up your speed?
  20. How do you sharpen your reflexes?
  21. What is the ball of the foot called in Japanese?
  22. In which direction are you facing at the end of all katas?
  23. In which kata is a yoko geri used?
  24. Translate the phrase Isshin Ryu Karate Do.
  25. Explain the symbolism behind the Isshin-Ryu patch?

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