What we do...

All of the classes are designed to build character and harmony, striving for a good balance of the emotional, physical, and metal aspects of one's life.  We take people where they are in life and of any ability, building confidence, self-esteem, and leadership qualities.  When a person is able to help themselves they can help others as well.

Our goal is to shape and build balance over time.  It is not necessary to get into shape, we will help with that: nor is it necessary to accomplish everything at once (all in due time).  We expect effort on your part, we will provide the rest.

Our classes are structured for calisthenics, basic review, self-defense, and free fighting.  We use cross training methods and forms to develop your fighting and self defense ability.

 Andy's flying kick was developed from his days as a 7 year old.
 We teach the traditional Isshin Ryu weapons system.  This is Bo and Sai fighting.
 Our kids mean a lot to us, we are honored to have them!
 Form, Speed, Balance, and precision take time, the results of 20+ years of effort!
 Cross training to fight with practical application.
Self defense designed for the street.

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