Basic Exercises

Upper Body

Isshin-ryū has 15 basic upper body techniques.

1 seiken oi tsuki Lunge punch
2 jōdan oi tsuki Uppercut
3 seiken gyaku tsuki Reverse punch
4 jōdan gyaku tsuki Reverse uppercut
5 gedan barai; seiken tsuki Low body sweeping block; straight punch
6 chūdan uke; seiken tsuki Middle body block; straight punch
7 tegata barai; nukite Open hand middle body sweeping block; spear hand
8 jōdan tegata uke; jōdan tsuki Open hand head block; uppercut
9 jōdan uke; seiken tsuki Head block; straight punch
10 ura uchi; seiken tsuki Back fist; straight punch
11 gedan barai; go den choku tsuki Low body sweeping block; five punches  
12 chūdan uke; go den choku tsuki Middle body block; five straight punches  
13 shutō uchi; shutō uchi Chop low; chop high
14 o-uchi; o-uchi Open hand block center chest; two hook punches  
15 Hiji no ato tsuki Backward elbow strike


Lower Body

Isshin-ryū has 8 basic lower body techniques. We also teach two additional kicks, one a variation on shoba konate and the other a standard reverse heel kick (ushiro geri).

1 mae geri Forward kick, striking with the ball of the foot (koshi)
2 mae konate Front thrust kick, striking with heel (kakato)
3 shoba geri Side kick with ball of foot (koshi), starting from same stance as mae geri
4 shoba konate Thrust kick to opponent's knee, striking with the edge of foot (sokutō)
5 hiza geri Knee strike
6 fumikomi Stomp kick
7 yoko geri Side kick, striking with the edge of the foot (sokutō)
8 otoshi geri Squat kick, stepping on a 45° angle and striking the opponent with the ball of the foot (koshi)
9 (bonus kick!) sokutō geri Like shoba konate, but thrown as a snap kick (retracted more quickly)
10 (bonus kick!) ushiro geri Reverse kick with the heel (kakato); think mule kick.