Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The WUIKA had to address an issue with claims of promotions from Sensei Mitchum.  At his passing he recognized three students as his, he was Sempai to a few First Generation students of Master Shimabuku, and he acknowledged a few people that he thought were exceptional.  A few he knew and had no opinion.  Sensei John Ingram put this out to clear up any misconceptions. - DH

From :John Ingram director WUIKA - USA

As we all know, when a senior Karateka passes away, claims and accusations arise that are
hard to prove or disprove.  Fortunately this is not the case with the UIKA. Mitchum Sensei made sure everyone knew who his senior students were. He actually turned the UIKA over to me several years before he passed away. After 2010 all dan promotions 5 th dan and above were approved by both
Holloway Sensei and myself.

There are several rank certificates that he signed to endorse a promotion but only those with
UIKA certificates are those that “he” promoted. In light of recent claims of high Dan promotions
by Mitchum Sensei I have decided to put out the following . I urge directors of other Isshinryu
associations to share this with your membership.

The following is a list along with some history. In I believe 2005 Cindy and I drove to
Chattanooga, picked up Sensei and drove him to Louisiana, where we hooked up with
Holloway Sensei. The purpose was to train with a couple of first generation students of Soke.
They both regarded Sensei as their Senpai . We all felt they should be 9 th dan. Of course the
only opinion that really mattered was Mitchum Sensei’s . They were issued UIKA certificates
with Tom Lewis Sensei’s # 1. The other was numbered #2, but the individual and Sensei had a
disagreement and falling out which resulted in Sensei revoking his rank and asking for the
certificate back.

Then fast forward to 2014.
Mitchum Sensei had approached me several times about a 9 th dan promotion. I felt I was to
young and did not want it. Even though I had 10+ years as an 8th I was only 58 years old. Then
with his increasing age , along with the fact that he would not promote Holloway Sensei and
Bartusevics Sensei ahead of me I decided to accept it. Both were my seniors In age and I
believe I speak for Holloway Sensei as well when I say Bartusevics Sensei is first generation
and very senior to us both. After Sensei’s passing he has become a great mentor to me
personally . However , Holloway Sensei and myself were both direct students of Mitchum
Sensei . I did not wear a red belt until I turned 60 in 2016. The belt I wear was Mitchum
Sensei’s belt.

So, Cindy Ingram Sensei (third in command) sat down with Mitchum Sensei to do the
certificates. Sensei had her number mine #2 . Then Holloway Sensei and Bartusevics Sensei
#3. and #4 then date them each a couple of days apart . Mitchum Sensei did not want to make
the long flight due to his age, so the plan was for me to present the promotions at the upcoming Gasshuku that was to be held in Montana by Brian Ash Sensei .

Therefore, the WUIKA recognizes : Bartusevics Sensei 9th dan , Lewis Sensei 9th dan , Tokumura Sensei 8th dan . These are our seniors and advisors.  Mitchum senior students: John Ingram 9th cert# 2, Dan Holloway 9th cert #3, Cindy Ingram 8th dan.

I hope this puts any bogus claims to rest.

Also, the latest development, Jim Mitchum found something left by Mitchum Sensei that will be
able to take Holloway Sensei and I to the next level when the time is right. It insures the
solidarity of the WUIKA forever.

Thank you , John Ingram director WUIKA-USA

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