Wednesday, August 3, 2016

UIKA Announcement

Dojo Family:

Sensei John Ingram sent this out via Facebook last week.  Sensei Mitchum's plan and legacy moves forward.  Support our efforts to improve while still maintaining Sensei Mitchum's legacy.  We look forward to seeing everyone in September.

One thing everyone found in Sensei Mitchum was his availability.  Please allow me to share my availability to any of the UIKA members. I know from experience, the entire staff is willing to answer questions and make themselves available to all. ~ Sensei Dan Holloway.

Dan Holloway,, 248-505-4698.

As most everyone is now aware, Isshinryu has suffered a major loss with the passing of our Sensei, Master Harold Mitchum. I am writing this letter to make the Isshinryu community aware that I , John Ingram as Sensei Mitchum's senior student and President of the UIKA, will carry on Sensei's legacy through the running of the UIKA. I will assume responsibilities as director and Sensei Dan Holloway who is a senior student of Sensei Mitchum, also a 9th dan, will serve as president. It is my goal to make the UIKA stronger than ever and for all of the membership to be united for the common cause. I will be taking on this endeavor with the help and guidance of first generation students Sensei John Bartusevics , Sensei Tom Lewis and Sensei KenshoTokumura. All who are part of the UIKA and have pledged their support. We also have the support of His son Sensei Jim Mitchum, and Sensei Jeff Perkins who is also the president of Tokushinryu Kobudo which was founded by Sensei Kensho Tokumura. And of course I have the support of my wife , Secretary of the UIKA Cindy Ingram.
We are very excited about the alliance between Tokushinryu and the UIKA. Our next event is to be held September 16th - 18th. 16th and 17th will be Tokushinryu under the direction of Sensei KenshoTokumura. This will be followed by Isshinryu seminars. We will cover kata and unique elbow techniques that were taught by Master Harold Mitchum . The main focus of the clinic however will be Master John Bartusevics teaching the kumite techniques taught to him by Grandmaster Tatsuo Shimabuku . On Sunday the 18th we will start with a memorial to Master Mitchum followed by a tournament utilizing AAU rules..
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Thank you,
Sensei John Ingram,
ku Dan, Isshinryu Karate