Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Attention Announcement

Dojo family:

No checkout classes this Saturday 9/6/14.  Beginning 9/13/14 Saturday checkouts will finish by 12:30 each week.

Saturday 9/13/14 is the "Fall Festival" at Oakland Woods Baptist Church in Clarkston (near Sashabaw and Maybe Rd.).  Ms. Susan is coordinating the Dojo activities and will need help from other instructors.  We will use as many students as we can to participate.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UIKA Pictures !

Dojo Family:

Here are a few pictures of the UIKA Symposium.  I'll add more as we get them in from the many photographers.

 Sensei Holloway receiving his Ku Dan promotion.
 Sensei John Bartusevics, Sensei John Ingram, and Sensei Dan Holloway with Ku Dan certificates!  A hearty CONGRATULATIONS came from Sensei Mitchum!
 Our UIKA kids participants, an outstanding group to work with!
Our participating directors for 2014, (L-R) Cindy Ingram, Dan Holloway, John Bartusevics, and John Ingram.  We missed Sensei Mitchum, but know that we will see him at the next gathering.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Updates and News for August !!

Dojo Family:

I spoke with Sensei Mithcum on 8/17/14.  He was doing well and sad that he could not attend the UIKA meeting.  He wanted to congratulate the people that were promoted and said "well deserved" to everyone. We conference called him and he missed everyone, but was hopeful he would get his health issues settled and be back in attendance soon.   He sounded good and I think with his doctors and medications re-aligned he will be strong as ever.

The UIKA symposium went well, most of the students were well acquainted withe the katas and we went through them as a refresher.  One thing embraced by the organization is constant checking of kata to insure that we do not deviate from how Sensei Mitchum was taught by Master Shimabuku.  The senior Dans are checked by Sensei Mitchum and in his absence Sensei John Bartusevics gave us all a look.  Additionally, we take a look at all Yudansha over 5th degree to insure consistency in kata and basics.  This provides another set of eyes so the higher Dans have good quality.  We also worked on both fundamental bunkai and advanced applications.  Something always stressed during the symposium is not to change the katas.  Application of technique comes after proficiency in the movement.

I want to say thank you to the UIKA hosts Brian and Lisa Ash for providing a great atmosphere for training and then wonderful times to decompress and enjoy "Big Sky Country".  We always make a lot of good memories!

Congratulations to Steve Kennman for his elevation to 5th Dan, to John Ingram and John Bartusevics for their promotion to 9th Dan.  I was also promoted to 9th Dan.

Sensei Holloway

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brent Seegraves Instructional Primers are available!!

Mr. Brent Seegraves the Grand Master of video production has an instructional video ready, and I have to say it is first class.  If you need to better understand your basic exercises and vocabulary this is the video for you!

This is a first class instructional tool that is amazing.  We have them at the Dojo and proceeds will help us keep the "fires" burning.  We are selling them for $10...yes $10.  Beginners, and parents of kids wrestling (that is "raslin" for some of us), with the Japanese pronunciations, this is for you!