Monday, October 19, 2015

Tournament Information

Dojo Family!!

My good friend Heidi Gauntner is hosting The Lennox Legacy Tournament.  Heidi is a great martial artist and always insures a well run tournament, friendly, fairly judged, and a great learning experience.

Let's all make it a point to go and support her!

We would like to invite you and your school to participate in a competition
to celebrate our dedication to the traditional martial way.

We hope you’ll join us at this location!

Date:      Saturday November 7th , 2015

Location:    Kook Sowal Wang Martial arts school.
                    1458 South Water Street
                    Kent Ohio 44240.

Schedule of Events
Check-In / Registration:            9:00 – 9:45 AM
Black Belt Meeting:                               9:30 AM
Tournament Bow-In:                             10:00 AM
    Tournament Fees

     Pre-Registration Fees     
     Walk-In Registration Fees
                         Tournament …………………...$30.00

    Spectator Fee at the door…………….$5.00
5 yrs & under are…....Free!
     Pre-registration must be received by  November 5th


Tournament Hosted By

Kyoshi Heidi Gauntner
Kent Karate and Family Fitness
Isshinryu Karate academy
(Mailing address) 60 Shawnee Dr. Kent Ohio 44240

 (call Kyoshi Heidi Gauntner for information 330-221-0295)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thank you!!!!

Dojo Family
I wanted to say thank you to the parents, kids, and instructors for your support!!  We had several changes in the spring and made adjustments that are working out well.  Thank you to parents that are so supportive of what we do; it is an honor to teach the kids.  Thank you to the Brown belts, kids and adults who help in the classes; you all are great!  Our marketing efforts are having great results, for the first time ever our Monday 6:00 pm kids class and the Saturday kids class were full in August.  That usually happens in October, WOW!  Our Thursday classes are steadily growing and I have requests for more spots this month.  THANK YOU!!
Again, thank you to all of you for your support.  This Dojo was founded on giving back to the community and helping people, you all have caught that vision!
Our Vision
To be the top pick for traditional Isshin Ryu Karate in our region.
Our Mission
To use our resources to teach traditional Isshin Ryu, to be affordable, of high quality, and add balance to the lives of our participants.

Core Values
To model and expect truth, honor, respect, and perseverance.  To value life and put others first.  To care about others and put ourselves second.  To use karate to be better prepared and add balance to the lives of the people we meet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Holiday closing and announcement!!!

Dojo Families!

Please note, we are not having class on Labor Day, 9/7/15.  Enjoy the time with your families.

Additionally, we are growing and classes are filling.  Students out more than one month without notice will be enrolled and fall under the new student policy.  Please pick your preferred classes now, as classes fill you may not be allowed into full classes.

Dojo members paying by credit card are now assessed a fee of $3.00.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Reminder! Schedule change

Dojo Family:

The week of 8/3/15 we are moving the kids classes from Thursday the 6th to Tuesday the 4th.  Saturday's kids classes will be canceled.  It is only one week.  Please pick from the five classes offered those days and attend.

Adult classes will stay the same.


Isshin Ryu Hall of fame Update

The IHOF "Hall of Fame" tournament went really well.  I had a great time talking with old friends and spending time with Sensei Mitchum.

Dale Mitchell and Nathan D. competed and did well.  Nathan and Dale took 1st place in both weapons and kata.  With the exception of a glance, I did not get a chance to see anyone compete, but the hardware was evident!!  More important than the hardware was the comments I received about the honor and respect shown by Nate.  You added honor and respect to the Dojo by conducting yourself appropriately.  Comments from other Sensei about your conduct were so appreciated.  These trophies of life will serve you well.


Monday, July 13, 2015

UIKA Updates

Dojo Family!!
I attended the UIKA annul symposium this past weekend.  The UIKA and Tokushin Kobudo held a joint event in Tampa, FL.  I was able to polish some kata and had a great time.  John and Cindy Ingram are great hosts and along with their daughter Sheri made the event memorable.

In particular I got to spend some time with Sensei Mitchum and it is always good to get time one's Sensei.  He is incredibly supportive and I appreciate his knowledge and willingness to share.  Additionally, I was able to spend time with Sensei Bartusevics, Tokumura San and members of his group.  There were a lot of old friends, making new memories, and just having down time.

Pictures are coming!

Monday, June 29, 2015

K.I.A.I. National Championships

Dojo family:

I attended the K.I.A.I. national Championships this weekend.  The tournament is hosted by Southfield Martial Arts/Master Willie Adams. Conell Loveless helped and promoted the tournament.

Friday I participated in the KIAI seminar and taught both bunkai and Oyo bunkai using Seisan kata.  I saw many old friends and had a wonderful time.

I was honored to sit in for Sensei Mitchum and accepted his award for the "Legion of Honor".  The K.I.A.I. is always fun, great hosts, providing valuable information.  Most of all it is a fun weekend.