Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Update!!

To the Dojo Family:

Thank you so much for a great summer and we are only half way through!!

I was able to do a Western tour of the National Parks, then swing through Washington D.C. for my commencement. Dr. Condoleeza Rice was our keynote speaker, and what a wonderful life story she has!

I got back and the Ingermann's surprised me with a graduation party.  Many of you attended and I was overwhelmed with good friends and good times.  Thank you to the Ingermann's for hosting the party and all of you for special gifts!

Thank you so much to Susan and Brent for carrying much of load of my teaching responsibilities.  As always others helped too, Mr. Bill Mattocks, Mr. B., Karen, Dale, and certainly the regulars (Sensei Bowman and Sensei Filby).

Isshin Ryu Hall of Fame News!!

This year the IHOF grew by nearly double from the last few years!  We had two winners and helped support a good organization!  I am especially proud of this years group, most of you know the general travel rule, when I go it is usually to work, or participate in judging.  So, those that go are on their own, they do their own registration, make travel arrangements, and get themselves to the seminars or tournaments.  I have often stated, consider me "unavailable".  Many times I do not get to see the students participate, as was the case this year.  So, other students get the benefit of a Sensei to help get through the stuff, my folks do not get much help at all.

This year two people went to the IHOF Tournament and did very well.  Susan Ingermann competed in Women's Black belt weapons and empty hand kata and got second place in both categories.  Kali Gerou competed in advanced 15-17 year old and got second place in kumite and 3rd place in kata.  Both of these young women represented Isshin Ryu with honor.  All of us should be proud of these two, I know I am!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Student Summer Special !!!!

New Student Summer Special!!!

New students will receive two months of lessons and a uniform for $99.00.

This is the time to start, we will help you to develop self-esteem, harmony and discipline.

It is small step with big implications!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brent Seegraves Instructional Primers are available!!

Mr. Brent Seegraves the Grand Master of video production has an instructional video ready, and I have to say it is first class.  If you need to better understand your basic exercises and vocabulary this is the video for you!

This is a first class instructional tool that is amazing.  We have them at the Dojo and proceeds will help us keep the "fires" burning.  We are selling them for $10...yes $10.  Beginners, and parents of kids wrestling (that is "raslin" for some of us), with the Japanese pronunciations, this is for you!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

UIKA Symposium News!!

Start your plans now!  Sensei Brian and Lisa Ash will host this year's UIKA Symposium in Bozeman, MT. The dates are August 15 - 17, 2014.  Bozeman is stunning with a lot of local activity available, so start your planning now.  The last time I was out we drove down to Yellowstone for a day!

Additionally, Tokumura Sensei is doing an embukai, weapons training the next weekend in Lynnwood, WA.
Contact Annie at onna.samurai@yahoo.com for more information.