Tuesday, July 12, 2016

UIKA Symposium

Dojo Family:

Attached is the cover photo for the up and coming symposium.  Additionally, several links are posted to view registration forms and other pertinent information.  The United Isshinryu Karate Association Facebook site has the information as well.

Registration form: https://goo.gl/tOazv2

Schedule of events: https://goo.gl/vbbXiK

Tournament info: https://goo.gl/1rOHKs

Looking forward to seeing everyone, this promises to be a memorable event!  We are celebrating the 60th Birthday of Isshin Ryu.  Many notable Isshin Ryu folks are attending along with the Tokushin Ryu family!

Thank You All so much for your tremendous support.  The past few weeks have been a struggle for many.

Dan Holloway

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sensei Mitchum's Obituary

Dojo Family:

Sensei Mitchum's obituary follows. I'll be traveling to the funeral on Friday and Saturday. Sensei Brent, Mr. Mattocks, Justin, and others will be in to help for the kids class. Plan on a group workout. There is no kumite when I'm gone.
The obituary has a note for a special memorial service in November of this year. That service will be the Honor Guard at the National Cemetery in Pensacola, FL. Details to be published later, this is from his son Jim Mitchum:
Harold M. Mitchum Sr.
1933 - 2016
Harold M. Mitchum a resident of Fort Walton Beach, FL passed away on Saturday, June 11, 2016. He was born to Thomas and Annie Mitchum on December 17, 1933 in Stiefletown, SC. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, 18 June at 1:00 at Emerald Coast Funeral Home. The family will receive visitors one hour prior to the service. Burial services will take place at Barrancas National Cemetery and will be scheduled in November 2016 after the return of his grandson from military deployment. Harold is survived by his former wife of 28 years, Shige. He is also survived by two sons: James (Pamela) Mitchum of Valparaiso, FL; Stephen (Jackeye) Mitchum of Albany, GA; one step-daughter, Hiroko Eubank of Jupiter, FL; and one daughter-in-law, Robin Mitchum of Snellville, GA. In addition, he is survived by ten grand children: Christopher (Elizabeth), Amy (Chris), Jonathan, Tyler, Tanner, Nicholas, Jacob, Ethan, Ryan, and Tony. And, four great grand children: Ava, Anabelle, Maela, and Leah. He is preceded in death by his parents; two brothers, Gerald and Jimmie Mitchum; one sister, Irene Mitchell; two sons, Harold Jr., and Leon Mitchum; one son-in-law, Ricky Eubank; and his love of 25 years, Glenda Osborne. A career in the U.S. Marine Corps had him deployed once to Korea, twice to Vietnam, and had him stationed in South Carolina, North Carolina, California, Georgia, and Okinawa Japan. He enjoyed physical fitness, playing the guitar, fishing, and sharing his vast knowledge of Okinawan IsshinRyu Karate. His legacy will be the unforgettable impact he made on the many lives he touched. His memory will be forever cherished by those fortunate enough to know him, and he will be greatly missed.
In lieu of flowers, please make donations to his favorite charity, the Salvation Army.
Expressions of love and sympathy may be placed and viewed online atemeraldcoastfuneralhome.com

Monday, June 13, 2016

My Sensei

Dojo Family:

On June 11, 2016 Jim Mitchum posted about the passing of Sensei Mitchum, his father.  Most of you have kept abreast of the situation through Facebook.

Sensei Mitchum suffered a massive stroke during the weekend of June 4th.  He was unable to recover and passed on June 11th.  Jim and his family were by his side.  John and Cindy Ingram got to see him.  John Bartusevics and I spoke to him on Friday as well.

I spoke to him on June 1st and he was excited to be coming to Detroit again.  He and Jim were to travel here on June 23rd, then all of us were participating with Sensei Willie Adams and the KIAI during the weekend. We had a short seminar planned for Sensei Adams, then a good weekend of fellowship.

There is not much to say at this point, I struggle for words.  He was my Sensei, I can only say I loved him.  I was blessed to have him and only wanted to serve him in whatever small capacity that I could.

As more information comes in I will share it.

Sensei Dan Holloway

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Okinawan Weapons Training - Tokushin Kobudo

Tokushin Kobudo

I am proud to announce the start of Tokushin Kobudo classes.  Beginning Saturday, June 4th, 2016 we begin our official classes at 8:45 am - 9:30 am.  Classes in Tokushin Kobudo are held each Saturday.  During the training session kata movement and bunkai is taught.

Weapons taught:
San setsu kon

We have a limited number of weapons for dojo use.  Weapons can be ordered through Sensei.

Memorial Day Schedule Change

Dojo Family:

This week (ONLY) Thursday classes will move to Wednesday May 25th.

As normal the Dojo will close in observance of Memorial day Weekend (Saturday the 28th and Monday 30th).

Have a great weekend and be safe!

Sensei Holloway

Saturday, March 5, 2016

UIKA Symposium News

Dojo Family:

UIKA Family:

I had a chance to have a few days with Sensei Mitcum in February.  He's doing well and I had a chance for some Florida sunshine.

Here is the poster of the up and coming Embukai in September.  It is never to soon to start planning.  We have several 1st generation guests committed to coming and will celebrate 60 years of Isshin Ryu.  We will commemorate Master Shimabuku's birthday as well.

You can follow this link for information

Let me encourage you to be there!!  Sensei

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tokushin Kobudo Weapons Training

Dojo Family:

We have a new association with Tokomura San and his kobudo style, Tokushin Ryu. I work with Sensei Jeff Perkins and learn new techniques and weapons methods. Sensei Perkins is the "hancho" for Tokomura here in N. America.

I met Tokomura in 2001 and found him to be honest and respectful. Through the years I found him an excellent karate and kobudo practitioner.  I learned from him on many occasions and found him to be one of the most authentic people I've met. His effort to continue the legacy of Okinawan weapons is noble and his willingness to share his understanding with others is inspirational.

We are proud to be apart of the Tomono kai and a training facility for Tokushin Ryu.

In June (TBD) the dojo starts a new weapons training class on Saturdays at 8:45 am.